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Friday, March 25, 2016

Into The Unknown.

Is it a good thing?  This is a question that I have had a few people pose to me recently.  Next week, Friday, April 1st will be my last day in my current role as a school principal.  I have been working in the world of education for over 20 years, and in some role as a school leader for the last 15+.  It certainly has taught me a s%$# ton about myself, the world, humanity, learning, coaching, mentoring, friendships, marriage, children, villages, cultures, content, and people.  The last couple of weeks as the reality of leaving not only this job, but this career field - have really been peace bringing, joyful, affirming, and bittersweet.  I have known that God has been moving me - physically across the country; spiritually - teaching me about who He is and how to follow Him; emotionally - how to deal with the reality of this broken world in conjunction with how I experience it; socially - the incredible (and not so incredible) people that I not only have met, but been engaged in the reality of this world and their lives; personally - learning about who I really am and who God has created me to be....maybe you get the picture.  I felt like a couple years ago, as I ran down the trail God asked me to 'quit his job.'  I didn't know then what it meant, and I am still exploring that, but I feel like He has continued to prompt me for this next step.  Looking back at the 20+ years, and having conversations about it with my superstar, the education has not been the part that has brought me true joy.  The lifetime friends I would call in an emergency, or to share joy, or to reach out for help, or to spend time praying for - these are the people that have brought me true joy.  And the times and experiences with each and every one of them were not all joy filled.  But it is the people that I love - not the job, not the career.  And now, I am stepping again into the unknown, and I clearly see the people that God has placed in this unknown with me - and I am blessed.  Incredible part is, without my superstar, I would not be in a space where I could do this.  She is the most incredible woman I have ever met.  Knowing that she is my proverbs 31 woman - an incredible gift from my Creator.  And the excitement (and nervousness) that I have to step into this unknown is full of peace, comfort, and honor.  I praise God for the opportunities I have had in this leg of my career, my life.  I thank Him for the incredible people that I have had an opportunity to serve.  To know.  To come to love - because it wasn't all love from the first day.  But this love comes from Him - from releasing my clutch of my life, my desires, my evil ways, my pursuit of earthly stupidity.  I now have three days left until the next unknown begins, and I LEAP off this bridge that He has placed before me, built for me, repaired for me, lit on fire, reconstructed, fortified, tied to others' bridges, and shown me incredible vies of the world below as I have walked, ran, and at times been dragged across His bridge - his path.  Into the unknown.  With Him.  What else could a man ask for?

Friday, February 12, 2016

Where is my faith?

As of late, I feel like a pile of red kelp.  Ever see it on the water before?  It just kind of floats along in a pile.  No purpose other than being kelp and being red.  Not much action coming from it.  Not much results coming from it.  Just up and down.  Up and down.  Back and forth.  Up a wave of life.  Down a wave, and I mean down.  Each day, it feels like the only thing that is sustaining me is the Word.  His Presence.  That's it.  I told my friend president this morning I almost feel like I am living in Ecclesiastes.  Feel like it doesn't matter.  Just motions.  People are broken.  Life is hard.  Ugly.  Being involved in people's lives on a deep level exposes you to the hurt, the ugly, the damage that life can do to people, their spirit, their trust.  I am ever thankful for the light - for how it points me to the fact that the only thing that can keep you from falling into the pit of life is the triune God of this universe.  His Holy Spirit guiding your steps, whispering in your ear what is true and right.  God opening your eyes to who He is and what is good.  Jesus' sacrifice so that the ugly and the dark in my life, and all those in this world would be wiped away and so that we could unite with our Creator.  This is my strength.  My lifeline.  I know He is leading to something new, and I don't feel clear on when that is, or if I should unhook from this zip line I am connected to, and fall into His love.  Am I falling short on doing what I think I should do?  Am I not doing it because I am not being faithful?  Or am I not supposed to do it just yet?  I know He is trustworthy.  I know what I need to do.  I pray for clarity on the knowing when to unhook from the zip line.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My kind of leader.

I find it quite interesting - the topic of leadership - in case you haven't noticed, have not paid attention, or if you just don't get it.  Funny thing is, I've been in a leadership position for over 20 years in one capacity or another, and certainly took on leadership roles beyond anything official or unofficial.  I strongly believe that God created me to lead.  I don't know why that was/is His plan, but clearly He has put that into my DNA, created me to care for others that have been/are in my stead, and given me some kind of passion to encourage, coach, and do what I can to lead others to becoming more successful.  All of this leads me to struggle with leaders that don't seem to "get it".  I am certain this is true no matter who you are, where you live, what language you speak, or what it is that you do each day.  But here's the skinny - how can people obtain and remain in leadership positions if it is quite evident by their words and actions that they indeed do not "get it".  Recently, I have felt that I perhaps need to seek other options in the work field, let's say for the past, oh, 9 years.  Mostly because I feel that God continues to lead me, grow me, and stretch me.  The last decade has taught me more than I ever wanted to know about myself - good, bad, and the ugly.  It has also taught me about leading.  I clearly have screwed things up - and clearly I am a human with the evil desires of this temporal world.  It is a fight and a battle to keep an ear to Him so that I might be able to lead others.  Because without that, and without what He has given and taught me, I would be dumbfounded.  Lost.  Irrelevant.  Unable.  But I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  The more I reflect on leadership and leading, the more I have to come back to the greatest leader ever.  Christ.  He never judged.  He loved.  He never fought back.  He showed grace.  He always listened to others.  Not to himself.  He sacrificed.  He didn't boast - and if you read the bible, there seem to be quite a few things He could have boasted about.  He healed the sick.  He raised the dead.  He loved others more than himself.  That is the type of leader I want to follow.  That is the type of leader I want to become.  But I am the worst of all these sinners.  This week, I have a sense that God has presented me with a vision of stepping out of THE leader role, and that I need to learn to give up my instinct to step in, lead, direct.  What might He be saying to me in this?  One thing I sense is simply to take some time to step out of THE leader role and not wake up in the middle of the night concerned with what is to happen next.  To follow the ONE true leader I know and trust - Jesus.  That is my kind of leader.  Who is your leader?  Who do you follow?  

Monday, January 4, 2016

It is really unbelievable to me that I started this blog over eight (yes, 8) years ago in December of '07.  God has certainly taught me so much about who He is, who He wants me to be, and how to live my life according to His will.  At times, I don't feel like I have made much progress in this area, but clearly there is evidence to support my claims.  I am a runner.  That alone is proof that God can do miracles.  I now submit my career and my work completely to Him as much as I can understand today how to do that.  Miracle.  I have moved across this country with my family - twice - knowing that He has called me to do something specific for His will, not mine.  Miracle.  I long for time to simply be in His PRESENCE.  Miracle.  That is my word for 2016 - Presence.  I have been challenged by an incredible woman -Lee Bee- to focus on a word that God gives me to pay attention to for the last couple of years.  I felt like God gave me this word while running (miracle) in LO (did I mention this is only by God's hand that we might live in LO?) a few weeks ago, just after the 8 year blogiversary.  And since then, He continues to teach me what I need to know about trying to live fully in His presence - which takes me back to finding a small maybe 2 inch by 1 inch book while on a retreat with Communitasnyc - "Practicing the Presence of God" written by a brother.  True Story.  So here are my resolutions for the year:
1) to practice His presence each day
2) to run at least three days each week
3) to write more
4) to read more
5) to engage with men in an effort to help us grow toward God and each other
6) to pay attention to my "re-create" list to be sure I am being filled by His holy spirit

And so it goes - 2016 is the year of the Presence, I pray Lord that you guide my every step, lead me to Your ways and Your love, patience, and mercy. Amen. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

When is home truly home?

I have felt challenged to walk 'down to the lake' each day for a year.  I am just over two months in, and I do truly try to do it every day.  If I am out of town, obviously I can't do it, and there have been a few days I have been gone all day and night and haven't done it - but probably only twice.  I am learning much on these walks.  One of those things is I absolutely love where we live.  LO.  It is truly an incredibly beautiful place.  You can drive by on M-24, see a glimpse of the lake, pass the village downtown sign at 40 mph or so and not think much of it.  But this place is amazing.  The walks have given me a love of seeing the 'neighborhood' over a period of time.  Walk by the same houses, and see something interesting or the decorations for the season change - like the Christmas lights coming out.  And we have been blessed with a boat for a bit of this summer, and now, walking past different parts of this lake that automatically brings you calm - whether you are out on it, or walking next to it with fond warm memories of time with friends or family watching a sunset or taking an evening stroll along the coastline.  What is it that sitting on the water does to your spirit?  Calms it - not like a park or a forest - and they do as well.  But water - looking out on it - pondering life or portions thereof.  The last couple weeks I have been praying for some specific things in this village.  This place my spirit was drawn to before we ever left BKLY- a place I felt I knew we were supposed to live in.  A place where I feel that God specifically led me to a house that now has housed our family and friends so often as we do our best to live '360'.  But truth be told, the first couple of years I think I was experiencing a couple of things.  One-culture shock.  I loved NYC and living in the city - walking, people, new things, experiences, love, grace, passion for others' success, deep friendships with men I had prayed to have in my life.  Take that all away, put me in an unhealthy work environment that sucked my soul and drive and life out of me, limited time with family and friends, and unplug me from the deep community I was entrenched in.  Two - my strongest career struggle.  Thing is I have always loved my job -sure it was hard work, challenging, but I was always driven and passionate to keep doing it and loving it even on the tough days.  There are flashes of my old self in career, but clearly have met a point that changed my heart in a negative direction.  And as God always does, He continues to give me all I need each day, and my walk has become part of that each day.  And each day as I walk, I appreciate more where we live, what an incredible beautiful place we are blessed to live in, thankful that I live in a place where I can continue to walk in this place - this home that I have.  Home is here in LO, and it includes this house, this village, this lake, and each person that God places before me on each day I am afforded the breath of life to experience in this moment.  How glorious it is when you come to the realization that home is actually home.  Your spirit knows and accepts it, and doesn't want to be gone for long-wants to make sure to care for people in and around this home.  I feel it.  Home is now home.